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Who We Are


Heerde Blum LLP’s practice focuses on complex litigation including intellectual property, cannabis, online medium, entertainment, employment, and general business disputes. Heerde Blum LLP’s attorneys practice law in the states of New York and California as well as numerous federal courts throughout the United States.

Learn more about Heerde Blum LLP Attorneys:

Joshua Blum is a litigator who has successfully represented a wide variety of clients including artists, celebrities, producers, professionals, and businesses in numerous legal matters.

To learn more about Joshua Blum’s education, background and experience click here.

Matthew Heerde is an experienced litigator who represents businesses and individuals, across the country, in a range of industries including fashion design and modeling, entertainment, construction and solar energy companies, and medical and psychotherapy practices.

To learn more about Matthew Heerde’s education, background and experience click here.

Brian Brick

Brian Brick is a trusted counselor and advocate for clients in a wide range of businesses and industries. His clients include for-profit and not-for-profit companies, private and institutional investors, limited liability companies, partnerships, and individuals involved in commercial and business affairs.

To learn more about Brian Brick’s education, background and experience click here.

Raina S. Kim

With a background in the arts and the law, Raina Kim is uniquely positioned to appreciate the goals and needs of independent creatives and entrepreneurs in the context of building and protecting their success with sound legal and business perspectives and strategies.

To learn more about Raina Kim’s education, background and experience click here.

How to Contact Us


At Heerde Blum LLP, we work tirelessly on behalf of our clients. If you need help resolving a legal dispute or issue involving entertainment, intellectual property, business law, cannabis law, or employment law, contact Heerde Blum LLP by calling 310-620-7172 or 212-920-5858.




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